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27thApril to 01st May 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal

The prestigious International Convention of Peacemakers for Universal Harmony at Bangalore, India, 07-10 January, 2016 is being organized under the aegis of PDL (Path of Divine Life). The theme for this 2nd edition is – Peace, Personality of a peacemaker and Prosperity to establish Universal Harmony. Delegates from Sri Lanka, Nepal and India arrived today for yet another enriching experience after the success of ICPUH 2015.

The convention began with a welcome and introduction session of the delegates. The rich Indian tradition of treating guests as Deity (Atithi Devo Bhava) was on display right from the moment delegates landed at Bangalore.

The welcome session was followed by a devotional session where Mr. Sandeep Kumare, a well known classical singer and PDL instructor mesmerized the audience with melodious vocal performances that launched the minds into ocean of devotion. He was well supported by Mr. Shriram Mudhe on Tabla.

Mr. Anurag Chhabra of PDL delivered a welcome speech and presentation that outlined the objectives of the convention. He emphasized the significance of inner and outer harmony for realizing the universal harmony.It can be achieved by balancing the two facets of world and nurturing the real self with unconditional love and peace; that’s what defines the philosophy of Hind Rashtra- Eternal, Infinite, Bliss. He explained the theme of ‘Peace, Personality of a peacemaker and Prosperity to establish Universal Harmony.’

The evening ended with a sumptuous welcome dinner where the menu was chosen to provide experience of the taste of India.

Early morning arrival of delegates


Introduction over welcome drink

Welcoming in main auditorium

Devotional session

Welcome speech context setting

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