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27thApril to 01st May 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal

The prestigious International Convention of Peacemakers for Universal Harmony at Bangalore, India, 13-15 January, 2015 is being organized under the aegis of PDL (Path of Divine Life). The Agenda – ‘How advancements in education in 21st Century is going to redefine future of life on Earth.’ The convention began Registration of International Delegates arrived from countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal and the United States of America. The registration was from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm. A warm ‘Welcome Session’ followed conducted by young anchors Mr. Sai Prasad Kolluri and Miss. Shalu Gutpa. While congratulating the delegates to be a part of the convention, while briefly highlighting the significance of the location Bangalore.

Past the Welcome Session, Shri Sandeep Kumare, a well known classical singer and a teacher and a devoted PDL member, presented a melodious vocal performance which included chanting ‘Lord Krishna’ hymn, wherein he was joined by all the delegates, energizing the atmosphere. Next he rendered a soulful Bhajan- ‘Omkar Swaroopa’, dedicated to the divine light called Sadguru.

Dr. Suptendu Roy Chowdhary was then invited on the stage to deliver a welcome speech. He while expressing gratitude towards the delegates, outlined the objectives of the convention. He emphasized the significance of the timing of the event, in the backdrop of brutal violence across the world killing the innocent.He said it was important to do something- share thoughts and implemented into ACTION to conquer the evils by unconditional love and peace; that’s what defines the philosophy of Hind Rashtra- Eternal, Infinite, Bliss.

Then after, Mr. Anurag Chabbra, President, PDL, took the stage. He outlined the Agenda of ‘How advancements in education in 21st century is going to redefine the future of life on Earth.’ He then spoke in details on the sessions on the three days, 13th, 14th and 15th Jan, giving the itinerary.

singing Treat By Shri Sandeep Kumare

Presention By Mr. Anurag

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