Equality | Unity | Prosperity.
27thApril to 01st May 2019, Kathmandu, Nepal

Welcome Ceremony

The 3rd edition of International Convention of Peacemakers for Universal Harmony began on a positive note with 150 participants and a few more were on their way.

The lamp lighting was done by Shri Arvind and Ma Avantika chief mentors and patrons of Path of Divine Life, Ven. Rambukelle and representatives from Siri Sadaham Monastery, Dehiwala Sri Lanka with traditional chants of energized mantras recited by priests from India that reverberated in the hearts and minds of those who were present.

Honorable Governors of Sabaragamuva and Western Provinces of Sri Lanka graced the occasion. This was followed by divine songs sung by Ms. Sukruthi Nandagiri and Mr. Sandeep Kumhare who enthralled the audience with their divine voices in Raga Malkans tarana.

The ceremony was completed with context setting done by Anurag Chhabra, Director,Ethnic Science Foundation. He provided a glimpse of the past 2 editions and set the tone for the 3rd edition outlining the objectives and expected outcome.

Few excerpts from his welcome speech are given below:

A) Peace is natural requirement of human beings. Everyone is seeking peace in own way, but why there is a need for peace?

B) Harmony and Compassion are higher human values. It is the love and kindness that defines the human life.

C) Harmony can be achieved by development of human beings and the world round. Knowledge helps development and education is means for knowledge.

i) Knowledge of external terrestrial world is Intelligence

ii) Knowledge of inner transcendental world is intellect.

Universal Development can happen only when there is balanced approach of development for these two faculties.

Hon. Governor of Sabaragamuwa Province was among the first to arrive

Lamp Lighitng by Shri Arvind and Maa Avantika

Participants absorbed in the welcome ceremony

Devotional song by Ms. Srikruthi Nandagiri from Bengaluru, India

Context setting by Anurag Chhabra

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