Culture Knowledge Development
2nd to 5th February 2018, Goa, India

Day 1 - Non Violence

The day started with delegates practicing Bhutshuddhikriya to experience the nature within in the Lotus Hall of the institute. Lotus Hall has transparent walls that provides an open view of the natural surroundings of Badulla.

The representatives of the participating countries lighted the lamp to begin the proceedings in the main hall. Keynote about the day titled ‘Escape to Eternal’ was delivered by Mr. Anurag Chhabra. In this keynote, he highlighted the various facets and cause of violence. He clarified that propensity of violence is internal that leads to suffering. Desire, anger, greed, delusion, attachment and arrogance are the agents of suffering. He remarked that violence is effect not the cause and violence is the act of fearful only courageous can be non violent.

Participants then engaged themselves in multi level group discussion to absorb the thoughts provided in the keynote by questioning and answering within the group.

Video presentation describing how humans driven by ego and extroverted nature do acts of violence on weaker sections, animals and environment. The video also highlighted how attachment leads to anger and violence.

The participants visited the technology exhibition and watched video documentaries on Multisiddha Medi sciences, Siddhaa Krushi and Nature Oriented Education to understand how evolution of human intellect and overall personality brings a positive development in science and technology centered around nature sciences.

The day finished with discourse delivered by Maa Avantika titled ‘Managing the Conflicts within’. She explained that anything that disturbs mind violence. Duality of thoughts and inability to choose the right one creates the conflicts. She wondered by there is a need for year on year increase in the defense budget of nations. Why can’t the money be channelized to address larger issues or other forms of violence that is impeding the growth of nation. She concluded that mission of life should be to lend calmness to the mind.

Keynote on Non Violence - Escape to Eternal

Multi Group discussion

Multisiddha Medisciences exhibition booth

Siddhaa Krushi exhibition booth

Research & Publication booth

Single group discussion

Maa Avantika's discourse on Managing the conflict within.

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