Culture Knowledge Development
2nd to 5th February 2018, Goa, India

Day 2 - Harmony

The value of the day got more weight due to presence of Honorable Governors of 4 provinces in whose presence, the flag hoisting ceremony was performed. Honorable Mrs. A P Rathanayake, Governor of North Western Province hoisted the national flag of Sri Lanka, Honorable Mr. M P Jayasinghe, Governor of Uva Province hoisted the provincial flag and Shri Arvind, Patron & Chief Guide of Maharshi Arvind Foundation, hoisted the Universal Harmony flag.

Ms. Srikruthi Nandagiri, memorized the audience with her melodious voice with a devotional song in Tamil.

Keynote for the day titled Friendship with the Self, was delivered by Anurag Chhabra. He explained that relationships drive progress of life but they come with a risk of breach. True friendship is the one done with Self. Normally people focus on friendship with others not with self and hence get frustrated in the end. He further explained that life is energy phenomenon and disharmony is due to energy disorder. Disease, languor, doubt etc are obstacles in the path to harmony.

He informed that developing the righteous attitude is a way to harmony. Friendship is such attitude. It should be done with higher being not with lower being. Another way to progress towards harmony is regulating the breath.

The path to universal harmony is

i. Inner Harmony
ii. Outer Harmony
iii. Universal Harmony

Honorable Minister of Agriculture, Westerm Province Mr. Gamini Thilakasiri, addressed the delegates followed by Honorable K C Logeswaran, Governor of Western Province.

All the distinguished guests were provide with Universal Harmony souvenir as a token of gratitude.

Maa Avantika rounded up the day with discourse titled The Perfect Balance. She highlighted that imbalance starts from individual level and expands into large scale. She told that there are 3 types of mind – Restless mind, imperfect mind and perfect mind. And to achieve the perfect balance one should manage self in any condition whether joy or sorrow.

This was followed by a blissful cultural evening where Mr. Ajit Kumar Sah from Nepal exhibited paintings on the theme of the convention. Ms. Uchcheta Updhyay displayed her art in the form of colorful Rangoli. The PDL cultural team then presented a heart warming capsule of dance and drama based on the life of Shri Arvind.

Flag Hoisting session

Delegate under the flags of Sri Lanka, Uva Province and Universal Harmony

Lamp lighting by Mrs. Amara Piyaseele Rathanayake, Hon. Governor of North Western province

Lamp lighting by Mr. Gamini Thilakasiri, Hon. Minister of Agriculture, Western Province

Token of appreciation from PDL to Mr. K C Logeswaran, Hon. Governor of Western Province

Keynote titled Friendship with the Self on subject of Harmony by Anurag Chhabra

Siddha Krushi booth

Univesal Harmony 2017 art painting exhibition by Artist Ajit Kumar Sah,Nepal

Cultural retreat

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