Culture Knowledge Development
2nd to 5th February 2018, Goa, India

Day 3 - Compassion

January 14th was the 3rd day of the convention and the subject of the day was Compassion. Mr. Chhabra presented keynote titled Living For-Giving. He exemplified characteristic of Nature which only Gives & Forgives without any expectations. A giver with such attitude is the personification of Compassion. He stated that Love is the currency of Compassion. He underlined the qualities of a compassionate being such as Transparency i.e. What he thinks, what he says and what he does is same. Another quality is such as person is unaffected by the external events. He is full of intellect and focuses on development of the miserable without allowing misery to affect him. With the help of experiences of Shri Maharshi, he described the seven states of development of knowledge to reality.

The participants felt that quality of multigroup discussion was higher than last two days. This was indication of how thought quality and capacity of delegates was growing in the convention.

Maa Avantika then enlightened the delegates with a discourse titled, Nectar of YourSelf. She told humans are different than animals, more evolved and it’s the faculty of intellect and ability to develop it is what places them in higher dimension. She told that having sentiments is nature but being sentimental is not. Excessive emotions spoi the mind. Compassion is unconditional love and infinite kindness. She told that a compassionate person will never go drumming about accomplishments of self.

Keynote of the day 'Living For-Giving'

Multi group discussion on theme of Compassion

Description of video presentation

Delegates absorbed in listening the content

Maa Avantika's discourse on Nectar of yourSelf

Master group discussion

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