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2nd to 5th February 2018, Goa, India

Social Harmony Awards are commissioned to be conferred upon the people who have selflessly contributed towards the social harmony and have made a visible impact in demonstrating the human values of trust, courage, compassion, non violence, respect and honesty. These awards are conferred during the International Convention of Peacemakers for Universal Harmony which is an annual program started in 2015.

Recipients of 2016-17

Name Contribution
Venerable RambukeWelle, Sri Lanka Venerable Rambukalle has played a significant role in sowing the seeds of Siddha Krushi program in Sri Lanka. PDL recognizes his valuable support with a token of love.
Mrs. Leela P Kodikara, Sri Lanka Mrs Kodikara is Private Secretary to the Honorable Governor of Western Province. She has provided valuable support during the preparations of this convention. There were occasions where she had stretched hard to get the jobs done on time. PDL expresses its heartfelt gratitude to Mrs Kodikara.
Mr. Ajit Ruwanpura, Sri Lanka Mr. Ruwanpura provided his relentless and selfless efforts in ensuring the successful completion of this convention. He has very seamlessly become part of the PDL family and worked tirelessly over the last few months. He demonstrated Sri Lankan hospitality by heart. PDL wishes him success in his life.
Dr. Yasa Siriwardene, Sri Lanka – Dr. Yasa is the founder member of IVFA (PDL’s partner organization in Sri Lanka) and is medical director in community medicine by profession. Despite her busy schedule, she has provided necessary help and support for the success of this program. She has been of constant inspiration and support. PDL expresses its gratitude to Dr. Yasa.
Dr. Jayene Kasthuriarchchi, Sri Lanka Dr. Jayene is an Ayurvedic practitioner. She got introduced to PDL during the 2016 convention in Bangalore and since then she has been of constant support to the growth of PDL in Sri Lanka. She is the 1st student from Sri Lanka to enroll for the MultiSiddha Medisciences knowledge.
Honorable K C Logeswaran, Governor of the Western Province, Sri Lanka – Mr. Logeswaran has constantly provided his valuable guidance and support over the last one year which has gone a long way in disseminating the message of peace and harmony in Sri Lanka. PDL recognizes his valuable time and expresses gratitude.
Mr. Anuruddha Seneviratne, Sri Lanka Mr. Seneviratne is a business man and member of IVFA. He became part of PDL family during the convention last year. He donates his time for social cause and has been of great value in taking PDL ahead over the last 1 year in Sri Lanka. PDL expresses its gratitude to Mr. Seneviratne.
Mr. Siri Udowita, Sri Lanka Mr. Udowita is a dedicated social worker and has been playing a leading role in the field of peacemaking and social harmony. PDL expresses its sincere thanks and recognizes his efforts in this direction.
Ministry of Defense, Sri Lanka PDL would like to thank Ministry of Defense, Govt of Sri Lanka for the invaluable support provided to make this event successful.
Bhante Ayagama Siri Yasassi, Malaysia Bhante Yassasi has been doing service to humanity in Malaysia. He has also been instrumental in introducing the concept of Universal Harmony in Malaysia. PDL extends its humble gratitude to Bhante Yassasi.
Ms. Yim Mei, Malaysia Ms. Yim Mei is actively working in the field of social service in Kualalumpur. She is a healer and good friend of humanity. She played instrumental role in organizing PDL Self Education program in Malaysia for the welfare of nation.

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