Culture Knowledge Development
2nd to 5th February 2018, Goa, India


Knowledge is the basic natural need of living beings. It is the seed of evolution of life.

Every living entity - from microorganisms to humans, acquire knowledge to lead the life. Nature has made sure that every creation has something to reveal. Humans have the highest capacity to acquire knowledge. But questions come to mind, such as: - How much knowledge one can acquire? What is the limit of knowledge? Is it limitless? Can someone know everything? If yes, then How? What is meant by enlightenment? Etc.

The 1st day of ICPUH 2018 would try to seek answers for such type of questions to pacify the curiosity and enhance the knowledge to the next dimension.


A seed needs conducive environment to germinate and grow. To develop, it must be prepared to go under the earth. Similarly, seed of knowledge grows into a sapling under the earth called culture. Culture has two aspects material and spiritual. Culture reflects the pattern of life and living and is formed over generations. It is a continuous evolving entity like universe. Culture flows on the wheels of knowledge and life is the genesis of it. It serves as the platform for the humanity to rise.

The 2nd day of ICPUH 2018 will take a deep dive into the world of culture and figure out what is blocking the rise of humanity.


Development is a natural outcome of human thought, shaped by knowledge and culture. It is a continuous process. Every human lives in two worlds -material world around and the spiritual world within. Post industrialization, the material development has taken place at incredible pace. Despite a deluge of objects of comfort available, human life continues to reel and suffer. The degree of negative tendencies of fear, anxiety, insecurity, greed and so on continues to scale up. This contrast clearly indicates something is wrong. The understanding of development needs to be reassessed.

The 3rd day of ICPUH 2018 will focus the thought process on the inner development of human thought and try to understand how the development of inner personality leads to a balanced development all around.